Eric Yee, the owner of Top-LogiX, first began in the computer business in 1982. He started a company named "Multi-Byte Computers" and it was located in downtown Saskatoon where the current bus mall is. Multi-Byte Computers had retail business in Prince Albert and Regina during the boom period of the mid 1980's.

In 1985, Multi-Byte Computers needed to expand and they relocated to the Concord building across the street from the Sturdy Stone Center. The economy took a nose dive in 1988 along with Multi-Byte Computers. It did not start to recover until 1990.

In 1991, Eric and Nina formed a partnership to carry on with the computer business and named it "Top-LogiX Software & Computers". They bought a run-down coffee shop in 1994 named "Sunshine Café" located at 801-2 nd Avenue North - the current location of Top-LogiX. They renovated and turned that little coffee shop into a little computer shop.

In 1997, with business booming, Top-LogiX needed more space to operate. Eric and Nina expanded onto the back of the Top-LogiX building, adding a service department, training room and an office. The building was finished in 1998 and Top-LogiX has been utilizing it since then.

In 2000, Eric and Nina bought the Geanel building and their warehouse which is adjacent to Top-LogiX. They expanded Top-LogiX into that warehouse to create another service department and a warehouse of their own.

Today, Top-LogiX has a very solid foundation in terms of computer sales, computer services, networking and website design.